Whispering North

The Whispering North is a fantasy book series.

The story so far....

Never tell anyone what you can do. . . .

Lynet had already decided to leave, when the Watchman came thundering into the valley, on errand from the king, to discover the truth of the rumors:

"A plaga norn has come to Norðrlönd,
a plague witch who brings only death.”

Lynet could have escaped, could have plucked the life from his strong, beating heart. Desire stayed her hand and a vague hope that the battle-honed Watchman could help her tame her ruinous magic.

Together they become outlaws, staying one step ahead of the king’s men—until misplaced trust rips Lynet away and sends her hurtling across the barrier that divides Norðrlönd from the modern, non-magic Outside world.


Stranded in a bustling, unfamiliar city, Lynet has no memory of the Watchman or of her devastating power—and no memory of the dangerous stranger who hints that he can restore her memories and take her home—all for a price.

Watchman's Oath is a contemporary fantasy spread across two worlds. Full of magic and myth. Romantic sword and sorcery at its best.

The book is available on Amazon. When using the LOOK INSIDE feature, be sure to check out both the print and Kindle formats. The Kindle version has more of the book available to read as a sample. The print version, however, shows more of the tiny illustrations. Both are worth checking out.

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